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Zartek's stylish new cordless telephone has a touch keypad and offers you clear, interference-free calls because it operates on the latest DECT technology.

Among the many features, Zartek's TOUCH phone is sleek and slim with a blue illuminated keypad and LCD screen for easy viewing. When the TOUCH phone is placed next to a user's ear, a "Smart Sensor "is activated that locks the keypad to prevent the user from inadvertently dialing with their cheek when talking on the phone.

Other features include Handset speakerphone, Intercom between handsets, 60 name/number Phonebook and Clock / Alarm functions. The Zartek TOUCH is available in single or twin handset packs and only requires one phone jack, offering users the flexibility to station multiple handsets throughout the office or home without having to install additional phone jacks

  • Touch Keypad with Smart-Sensor Key Lock
  • Multiple Base (up to 4) and Handset (up to 4) Capability
  • Handset Speakerphone / Handsfree
  • Maximum range in ideal conditions 300m outdoors / 50m indoors
  • 60 Phonebook Records with Search and Edit Function
  • 20 Record Last Number Redial
  • 10 Polyphonic Melodies and 4 Traditional Ring Tones
  • Clock / Alarm Functions
  • Blue Illuminated Keypad and Display
  • Intercom / Call Transfer / Conference Call Capability
  • Mute / Redial Functions
  • Message Waiting / Missed Calls Notification
  • Keypad Lock / Auto Answer
  • Baby Call (automatic dialing to one number)
  • Tone / Pulse Dialing
  • Multiple Language Display
  • Paging Function from Base
  • Intercom Call between Two Handsets
  • Detachable Belt Clip
  • Battery Low and Out-of-range alert
Interaction Home Page

Enquiries & Orders