Model #: CDP-808

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Multi User system for apartment blocks, townhouse complexes, cluster homes, housing estates, large properties, office parks, schools, retirement villages, long driveways, etc.

Zartek wireless intercom systems provide versatile communication. The hassle of wiring is eliminated and installation is simple.

The Zartek Digital Wireless Intercom System is cost-effective, easy to install and offers you unmatched outdoor-indoor communication convenience with high-tech features and performance.

The Zartek Wireless Multi-intercom Gate System has a range of 100m in a building environment (up to 300m in semi built-up areas) and can handle 100 separate units. Communication is initiated by the visitor to a specific handset. Audio is automatic from the gate station and PTT (press-to-talk) from the handset.

Portable and rechargeable handsets give you the convenience of answering calls from anywhere. Multiple handsets can be added and there is intercommunication between handsets.

2 separate gate triggers are possible from the handset.

  • 100 separate users
  • Long range with external antenna
  • Easy installation
  • Low cost system, no call charges
  • Automatic communication at gate
  • PTT function at handset
  • Gate triggering from handset
  • Portable handsets
  • Communication between multiple handsets on same channel
  • Rain-proof housing
  • Rechargeable back-up power built-in
Range is terrain dependant and is 350m in semi built-up areas and 800m line-of-sight. Range will be reduced with trees, walls and structures in between the gate and house.

The external antenna is mounted as high as possible for improved coverage and audio.

Includes "L" bracket with antenna, 5m cable and connectors and extra 3m cable extension.

External antennas are available for the handsets if requiored, but then the handset will not be moveable.

Interaction Home Page

Enquiries & Orders